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Daneside Theatre programme.

Please check individual show for ticket details and to confirm times.

Congleton Information Centre can be contacted on 01260 271095 or by email.

September 2018
Fri 14th Musical Marvels 19:30
Sat 15th Musical Marvels 19:30
Sun 16th Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 14:00
Sun 16th Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again 19:00
Sat 22nd Lars Tharp: The Antiques Roadshow story. 19:30
October 2018
Tue 2nd The Titfield Thunderbolt 19:30
Wed 3rd The Titfield Thunderbolt 19:30
Thu 4th The Titfield Thunderbolt 19:30
Fri 5th The Titfield Thunderbolt 19:30
Sat 6th The Titfield Thunderbolt 19:30
Thu 11th Two 0:00
Fri 12th Two 0:00
Sat 13th Two 0:00
Fri 26th Strictly Musicals 19:30
Sat 27th Strictly Musicals 19:30
Sun 28th Film:The Children Act(12A) 19:00
November 2018
Fri 2nd West Coast Eagles 19:30
Wed 14th Oliver! 19:30
Thu 15th Oliver! 19:30
Fri 16th Oliver! 19:30
Sat 17th Oliver! 14:00
Sat 17th Oliver! 19:30
Tue 20th South Cheshire Floral Society 19:30
Sun 25th Film: King of Thieves 19:00
Fri 30th A Christmas Concert 19:30
December 2018
Sat 1st A Christmas Concert 19:30
Sat 8th Louise Carter School of Dance 19:30
Sat 15th Congleton Rotary Club 19:30
Sun 16th Film at Daneside 19:00
January 2019
Sat 12th Congleton Pantomime 19:30
Sun 13th Congleton Pantomime 19:30
Mon 14th Congleton Pantomime 19:30
Tue 15th Congleton Pantomime 19:30
Wed 16th Congleton Pantomime 19:30
Thu 17th Congleton Pantomime 19:30
Fri 18th Congleton Pantomime 19:30
Sat 19th Congleton Pantomime 19:30
February 2019
Tue 5th One Man Two Governors 19:30
Wed 6th One Man Two Governors 19:30
Thu 7th One Man Two Governors 19:30
Fri 8th One Man Two Governors 19:30
Sat 9th One Man Two Governors 19:30
Tue 12th Chicago 19:30
Wed 13th Chicago 19:30
Thu 14th Chicago 19:30
Sat 16th Pinked Floyd 19:30

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